About Us

Welcome to SuperbHolo

SuperbHolo Co., Ltd, established in 2015, is the first enterprise of 3D Hologram advertising fan in China. We are committed to the research of holography, and continuously improve the level of science and technology year by year to meet the customer experience. We’ve done projects for many well-known companies.We offer both retail and wholesale services. We are recruiting distributors worldwide.


Who Are We

SuperbHolo specializes in producing digital marketing professional commercial display products.

Our Mission

We provide our customers with a one-stop solution for commercial display products, especially 3D holographic display.

What We Do

Our 3D Hologram Fan is widely used in all kinds of high end applications, such as bank, hotel, board room, public control center, traffic control center, airport control center, mining control center, military monitoring center etc.

Why choose us?

As the Top 1 factory of 3D hologram fan, we upadate our technology and quality sharply to meet our clients’ standard.

Now we have over 10 sales person online to support you.

We help famous companies with huge projects

We take every customer seriously

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