1. Are you factory?

There are thousands of trading companies saying that they are the factory, but actually they are not. We are the real and biggest factory of 3D hologram fan in China. You could compete with prices and service. What we offer is always the best. 

2: How can I pay? Do you have E-business that I can pay online?

Now we accept T/T bank transfer. We don’t have any official business like Amazon, alibaba and other famous platforms. Because we have dozens of distributors resell our products on these famous platforms. We don’t compete with them due to protect their benefits. But you know,the prices on thier platform is double or more than the prices we offer you. Now we have an online payment feature in some product pages. Support paypal payment.

3: I see other company sell more than 20+ models, why you only have 7 models?

Because they are the trading companies, what they want is just money, that’s not the role we are playing. What we do is getting better reputation to promote our brand. That’s why we are the No.1 in China. In this industry, there are hundreds types of fans.Some of them make low-end products, others are copying our models which will cause you a lot of after-sale service. With many years of advanced technology, the market aesthetic, we only make high-quality products which meet the needs of the masses. In a word, choose us will save you a lot of time to search this market, we will be your reliable supplier.

4: What format could be play? How many videos and pictures can put in? Any requirement about videos? How can I upload the contents?

The usual format is ok like MP4, AVI, RMVB, GIF, JPG, PNG etc… No limitation on videos and picture, it based on the capacity of SD Card. The storage of our SD card starts from 16g which is enough to usd. Sure you could choose 32g or 64g (extra fee). The only standard of video is the background should be black (Let’s image if you upload a 3D video with white background, the results turn out to be like watching TV or normal Led screen, there won’t be 3D effect.). You could upload your contents via smart phone or laptop.It is simple to use.

5: What’s the purchase process?

If you wanna order, just tell us which one you want and offer us your address. We will check the shipping cost and offer you the quatations of products. After your payment, we will arrange your goods immediately (Cross-national transfer usually take 2-4 days). And the express we send is DHL or Fedex which only takes 3-5 days to get you there.

6: Any more questions, just sumit the below form, we warmly welcome your requirements.