The Best 3D Hologram Fan HDMI Version Supports Live Stream Function Interactive Solution


2023 New Release HDMI 3D Hologram Fan with 4 sizes:65CM,100CM,150CM,180CM

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Important Notice

HDMI models are specially customized.Only HDMI function is supported, without any other features including app, audio(Sound can come from the laptop or phone which you use to connect our device). 

How to achieve live broadcast(streaming)function?

 ①:Install our device and connect it to your laptop or phone or other HDMI-enabled device.

 ②:Set up a green or blue cloth scene.Place the person or item that needs to be broadcasted in front of the prepared cloth.

 ③:Use the mobile phone camera or computer camera to shoot people or objects in front of the green or blue cloth in real time.Of course, you can also connect your own professional camera to your phone or computer to shoot.

 ④:Download livestreaming software or app that can automatically change the video background color.For pc software we recommend OBS Studio.Set the livestreaming software or app to change the green or blue cloth background into black background.

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