3D Hologram Fan-SH-30


This 3D hologram fan is suitable for family gatherings and other small places.


3D Hologram Fan丨Desktop Level

Size: 30cm

LED Quantity: 256 Pcs

Resolution(Pixel): 512*512

Visual Angle: 160°

Dimension: 336x314x356(mm)

Lamp Beads Life Time: 100,000 hours

Support: WiFi, TF Card

1: [Handle/Desk Level]: SH-30 is our 1st genneration handle level of 3D hologram fan, it has changed the traditional wall mounting methods. Bracket and strap makes it can installed anywhere (desk, body, wall, package, car)

2: [Rechargeable battery]: 14.8V, 2200mAh built-in battery, 5-6 hours battery endurance. Built-in battery made 3D Hologram Display Fan SH-30 can be used and displayed anywhere, not via sockets only.

3: [Transparent protect cover]: 800r/min spinning speed, the ABS transparent protective cover gurantees safety to kids and minimize noise. Please notice that it’s not waterproof and avoids use in rainy weather.

4: [Top-notch 3D effect]: Create, display & manage awe-inspiring 3D holographic visuals that appear to be floating in mid-air. Perfect for digital signage campaigns, holographic billboards, activation events & digital point of sale displays.

5: [Outstanding service]: 7/24 online support, 12-month warranty, free 3D video library, accept custom 3D video. Customer service email: sales01@superbholo.com

3D hologram device
The mini-size innovative 3D hologram fan offers a funny display of photos or videos for your home, office, shops. It uniquely introduces a hi-tech hardware device generating stunning 3D visuals perceived by viewers as hi-resolution holograms floating in the mid-air.

MORE FUNNY & CHIC WAY for LIFE STYLE: it can act as like a digital picture frame in displaying photos or videos, you can enjoy happy time anywhere.

MINI SIZE & PORTABLE: 12 inch diameter and light weight ensures it can be carried with you anytime anywhere. 

SAFE TO KIDS: this 3D hologram device is equipped with transparent protective cover, which eliminates any harm to your kids.

File Support format: MP4 / AVI / RMVB / MKV / JPG / GIF / PNG

3D hologram led fan
3D hologram led fan
3D hologram led fan


Being mounted onto the wall in your bedroom and living room to work as a digital photo frame.Enjoy funny, vivid photos and videos and sharing the sweet moments and happy memories with your family members.


Coming with transparent protective cover to protect safety and avoid noise while using.There is no danger even your kids touch it


                                                   Power: 5.5w

                                                   LED life: 100000hours

                                                   Product weight: 825g

3D hologram led fan
fan hologram
fan hologram
fan hologram
fan hologram
3D hologram display

Digital signage

Holographic digital signage solutions are the next major retail trend. Design great content, gain analytics and change your messages with our digital signage software. Discount, Up to 70%, Welcome…


Captain America, Dr. Strange, be your own hero. Halloween pumpkin, christmas candy.perfect for all kinds of festivals. Experience the Superbholo SH-30 of “WOW”

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Business Hour. Hang the 3D Hologram Led Fan SH-30 on your door or wall, more eye-catching than traditional neon lights.

3D hologram display
3D hologram fan
3D hologram fan


The transparent protective cover gurantees safety to kids and minimize noise.15-30db is very quiet,friendly for home use and kids.Create mind-blowing & immersive digital out of home campaigns anywhere.

3D advertising

“First impressions last” and holographic advertising is the most impactful.Superbholo increases a typical shopper’s attention span by up to 30 seconds.

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Desktop 3D Hologram Device SH-30 is widely compatibled with various activities. Wedding, Party, Meeting, Conference, exhibition… Lithium battery build-in makes 3D Hologram Device SH-30 to be used anywhere and anytime,