What are the Application Scope of 3D Hologram Display Fan?

Strictly speaking, this 3D Hologram LED Fan, or 3D holographic advertising machine, is not a holographic projection in the true sense. It just uses the visual persistence technology. When the 3D Hologram Fan runs at high speed, a dynamic three-dimensional visual image will appear in the air, creating a real 3D holographic image, and transferring files through the mobile APP with one click, creating a cool visual effect. However, it is a really practical 3D holographic projection product at present, and it can also be commercialized well. For now, this 3D Hologram LED Fan is much more practical than AR/VR, and has a wider range of application scenarios than AR/VR products.

3D hologram display fan
3D hologram display fan

The video content of 3D holographic advertising machine includes: 3D images of characters, 3D images of any object, 3D images of any product, 3D images of colorful bubbles, 3D images of three-dimensional polygons, 3D images of digital, 3D images of texts, etc., that is to say, all physical things It can be displayed as a naked eye 3D imaging video.

3D Hologram Display Fan is widely used in exhibition eye-catching, product demonstrations, antique collectibles display, signboard production, brand image promotion, specialty store display, festive weddings to add festive effects, supermarket shopping mall exhibition hall sample demonstrations, bars, chain stores, cinemas, indoor advertising , Splicing large-size outdoor advertisements, airport station advertisements, enterprises and various industries, etc.

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