FAQ about the 3D Hologram Fan You May Concern

What is a 3D Hologram LED Fan?

3D Hologram LED Fan is a new type of advertising media device, which uses LED rotating display technology to present 3D suspension effect.

Is this a real 3D hologram?

The high-speed rotation of our high-quality 3D Hologram Fan matches the POV principle of the human eye to present the 3D naked eye effect. But in essence, it is a fan with a large number of led beads. Therefore, 3D Hologram Display Fan can achieve 3D holographic effect, but it is not true 3D holographic. At present, there is no really mature holographic technology in the world. 3D Hologram Display Fan is the most economical solution to realize 3D holography.

Is this 3D hologram fan plug and play?

yes. After you install the blade on the main motor, turn on the power and use it. It is very easy to start without complicated configuration.

How to use the 3D hologram fan?

You can control our 3D holographic fan through the remote control or application. We can turn it on/off, adjust brightness, switch content/cycle playback, etc.

What are the requirements of 3D holographic fans for video?

There are no special format requirements. The normal formats are mp4, avi, rmvb, mkv, gif, jpg, and png. The only requirement for video is 3D video with black background.

What is the brightness of the 3D hologram fan?

Most of our 3D hologram fans have a brightness of about 2300 lumens.

Do you have 3D holographic fan audio?

Yes, the device itself has no sound function. But our device has Bluetooth. With external Bluetooth speakers, you can synchronize sound and video.

How many videos can be played on the 3D Hologram Display Fan?

There is no quantity limit. But the memory of our device is 8GB. Please try to keep the video within 2 minutes. If you have a 10-minute video, you can cut it into five 2-minute videos to play.

Can fans of 3D holograms be synchronized into larger video walls?

yes. So far, the largest video wall we have produced consists of 100 SH-65 video walls. In theory, the video wall may be infinite.

Where can I buy the best 3D hologram fan?

Here at superbholo.com. Founded in 2015, SuperbHolo Co., Ltd is the first 3D Hologram Fan enterprise in China. We are committed to the research of holographic technology, and constantly improve the level of technology year by year to meet customer experience. We offer the best equipment on the market at a favorable price.

3D hologram fan SH-F65
3D hologram fan
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