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How to make 3D hologram display floating 3D hologram?

The 3D holographic LED fan product itself can recognize a variety of formats: JPG, GIF, MP4, avi, RMVB, MPEG. These are not traditional 3D formats, so you need to make corresponding video or picture formats to display 3D effects. The current mainstream 3D software can do this. For a person who is not familiar with 3D MAX software, this is a very simple operation. However, you only need to import these formats into mobile APP, computer software or cloud platform provided by us, and directly import or publish them, which is not very simple. Of course, if you don’t understand, we also have corresponding videos for each machine.

How does the 3D holographic fan work?

Since you use the word “fan”, I think you mean the volume 3D image. These are not holograms (fans are not required), but simple images of depth generated by LED lights on the moving blades of fans. As a result of time parallax, the left-eye view and the right-eye view shift in time, so that each eye can see each view at different times, resulting in depth illusion.

SuperbHolo Co., Ltd, founded in 2015, is the first 3D Hologram Display Fan enterprise in China. We are committed to the research of holographic technology and continuously improve the level of technology year by year to meet the customer’s experience. We have done projects for many well-known companies. We provide retail and wholesale services. We are recruiting distributors around the world.

Stay ahead and experience new visual effects. Upload your favorite video/image to Superbholo and watch its wonderful performance. Get ready to explore the wonderful world of unparalleled visual experience with Superbholo. Create, display and manage amazing holographic visual effects, which will float in the air with the touch of a button.

3D Hologram Fan
3D Hologram Fan-SH-100
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