The Working Principle of 3D Hologram Fan

How does a 3D Hologram Fan work and how does it work? Today Superbholo will explain this black technology.

The 3D Hologram Display Fan is a very creative display device. The technology and products are very mature, and it is used in various displays, and the effect is very dazzling. So far I haven’t found anything other than ad display apps.

3D Hologram Fan
3d hologram fan

The principle of 3D Hologram Display Fan technology is divided into two parts:

One is the display part, which relies on the high-speed rotation of the LED light bar to generate a display plane;

The second is the displayed content, which is a video with a transparent channel, and the subject content of the video is a three-dimensional content. How does the stereoscopic effect come about? For example, when we make a video, let a content inside have some three-dimensional effects in the XYZ spatial direction, or rotate in the three-dimensional direction to produce a three-dimensional effect. The transparent channel is very important. , to strengthen this three-dimensional sense, which allows the audience to produce a sense of three-dimensional vision that things are independent of nothing.

3D hologram led fan
3D hologram led fan

The mechanism is that when the LED light bar rotates at a high speed, it sees this picture and uses the phenomenon of human vision persistence to produce a flat continuous image effect. From the audience’s point of view, you will see a strong three-dimensional picture, completely ignoring the fact that the LED light bar exists. For example, when we look at a rotating fan, we can’t see the fan blades; when we look at the forum of a running car, we can’t see the wheel hub.

The advantage of 3D Hologram Display Fan advertising machine is that as a product of advertising display board, the technology is mature, the price is cheap, and it is easy to use. Other display devices, such as projectors, LED screens, and LCD screens, are displayed one by one, and they are not worth tens of thousands of dollars.

3D hologram led display fan
3D hologram led display fan

In summary, the important ability of the equipment here is to display a three-dimensional image, placed in a cookie-cutter environment, and successfully attracting the attention of many audiences. Therefore, to create a three-dimensional image display, the use of a 3D Hologram Fan advertising machine is a display device with relatively low cost and stable effect.

The 3D Hologram LED Fan screen will be used by most businesses. Its working principle is simple, and it completely replaces the old generation of advertising machines. It can be modified without replacing the machine, but the old machine needs to be replaced and modified, and please ask the master to modify it. , and the 3D Hologram LED Fan is small and convenient, you can upload any drawings you want.

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