What is 3D Hologram Fan? Come check out Superbholo’s 3D Hologram Fan!

The 3D Hologram Fan is a holographic product that realizes the naked-eye 3D experience through the rotation of the LED fan and the lighting of the lamp beads, and with the help of the POV vision persistence principle of the human eye.

The 3D Hologram Display Fan looks like a fan in appearance, but it is not the same as ordinary fans. It has 2 fan blades or more than one fan blade. It is actually an LED light strip, but a protective cover is added. play a protective role. Its application is to gradually form a continuous and complete image through high-speed rotation, and it has a three-dimensional sense and a very realistic visual effect. 3D Hologram LED Fan products have the characteristics of realistic 3D effect, long life, low energy consumption, easy installation, easy management, high use value, and wide applicability.

3D Hologram Fan SH-65
3D Hologram Fan SH-65

The 3D Hologram Fan, the LED light bar rotates and displays at the beginning of use, and uses the principle of human eye persistence to form graphics, animations or videos. Because it has no borders and backgrounds, it makes users feel that the image is three-dimensional floating, so it is called holographic or 3D Hologram Display Fan. The Superbholo 3D Hologram LED Fan equipment can import the product designed by the team into the fan, and the product can display the desired picture, etc.

Offline advertising display is the first market area for 3D Hologram Display Fans, and it is also the most important market for 3D Hologram Fan. In offline advertising display, 3D Hologram LED Fans can not only effectively attract consumers’ attention, but also play a role in precise marketing for businesses with their unique visual presentation effects. In Guangzhou Wanjia Plaza, Xinjiang Wanda Cinema and other places, there are shadows of 3D Hologram Fans. These 3D Hologram Display Fans from the Superbholo play the role of advertising media and cultural communication media in various offline occasions, effectively attracting the attention of consumers, is rapidly covering the country with offline advertisements.

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