What is Hologram Projection?How does it work?

3D Hologram Video Wall

When we say “holography” or “hologram”, what do we associate with it?Holographic projection?Holographic rear shell?Holographic color?Holographic stage?Holographic sight?5 G holographic?Is the “hologram” you see a real “hologram”?This article gives you a comprehensive understanding of what holographic projection is.Its relation to “holography(hologram)” and its application.

1:What is a hologram?

The term “hologram” was invented by Hungarian-British physicist Dennis Gabor in 1948.”Holos” is Greek for “all.”The groundbreaking paper was published in Nature.(Click here to check this paper).As an aside,Dennis Gabor came from a rich family.His father was the chairman of a mining company.

A small detail worth mentioning:Although the idea was published in 1948,The name “hologram” was given in an article published the following year in Proc. R. Soc. Lond.The article called “Microscopy by reconstructed wave-fronts “(Click here to check this article).

Below is a passage from this article.That’s where the word “hologram” comes from.

dennis gabor

Dennis Gabor(5 June 1900 – 9 February 1979)

2:What is holographic projection technique?

Holographic projection technology is a kind of 3D technology.The technique of recording and reproducing real three-dimensional images of objects using the principle of interference.Later, with the guidance of science fiction films and commercial publicity, the concept of holographic projection was gradually extended to commercial activities such as stage performances and exhibitions.But what we usually know as holography is often not a holographic projection in the proper sense.Usually we commonly use Pepper’s Ghost, edge blanking and other methods to achieve 3D effect of a kind of holographic projection technology.

Here we highlight “Pepper’s Ghost”.Pepper’s Ghost is a technique used to create hallucinations on stage and during certain magic shows.This technique is achieved by using a flat piece of glass with a specific light source technique.It can make objects appear or disappear, or change into other objects.The most famous example was the 2012 concert of rappers Dr.Dre and Snoop Dogg.The late American hip-hop star Tupac has returned to the stage in a virtual video.Tupac walked around the stage bare-torso and even greeted the audience.It all looks very real.The audience thought they saw a “ghost”.

Modern Pepper’s Ghost performances are so lifelike because we have high lumen lighting and excellent CG technology.But the principle of its presentation is still very much the same as the original performances.In the case of the Tupac show, AV Concepts, its production company, didn’t use glass.They used a specialized Mylar membrane, called a “holographic membrane.”

hologram projection

2015 Spring Festival gala

Tupac and Snoop Dogg

3:What is the best holographic projection product?

In fact, no mature holographic technology exists yet.But in reality, we have a lot of products that offer holographic solutions.On the market, the most famous solutions are: holographic smoke screen, holographic mesh, holographic rotating mirror technology, translucent OLED screen, holographic pyramid, etc.But the most cost-effective solution is our 3D hologram fan.(What is 3D hologram fan?)


3D hologram fan has a lot of name like 3D Hologram Fan,3D Hologram Display,3D hologram display fan,3D hologram led display fan,3D hologram led fan,3D hologram device,3D Hologram LED Fan Projector,3D Hologram Projector Fan. But no matter what name you see, they are one product.Compared with the holographic solutions mentioned above, 3D holographic fans have the following advantages.

1:Easy installation, plug and play.

2:Relatively low price.

3:Single devices can be spliced to form a 3D hologram video wall.


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