3D Hologram LED Fan Displays Astonishing Visual Effects

3D Hologram LED Fan is a new holographic imaging high-tech product, which attracts the attention of consumers, leaves a deep impression, and is willing to share with the circle of friends, expand the scope of communication and improve the communication efficiency.


Superbholo 3D Hologram Fan is easy to install. It is a three-dimensional holographic system that can modify the hardware system and structure according to the existing buildings or installation location space, which is conducive to permanent installation in various buildings and urban spaces.


Superbholo 3D Hologram LED Fan products have a variety of features. The 3D hologram system can change the digital content at any time according to the demand. The professional operation of our team will be a strong backing for your perfect display.

3D hologram led display fan
3D hologram led display fan


Product principle:

3D Hologram LED Fan, LED light bar rotating display, using the principle of human eye retention to form graphics, animation or video. Because it has no frame and background, it makes users feel that the image is three-dimensional floating, so it is called 3D Hologram Fan.


Main application fields:

3D Hologram LED Fan is applicable to large shopping malls, franchised stores, bars, cinemas, elevator entrances, various stores and other places, replacing the traditional advertising and application occasions. Help merchants attract traffic, spread and share advertising content. It is suitable for individual objects with rich details or internal structures, such as famous watches, famous cars, jewelry, industrial products, as well as characters, cartoons, words, etc. it gives the audience the feeling that they are completely emerging in the air, and the specific size can be flexibly set according to the requirements of customers.


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