What is the Manufacturing Principle of 3D Hologram Fan?

3D Hologram Fan is a new holographic product rising in recent years. Its appearance is very similar to the fans used in people’s daily life, and the sensory effect brought by its use is very similar to the high-tech products in film and television works. Because the concept of this kind of advertising machine is relatively advanced and the market application scope is not wide enough, so that the public are very strange when they see it outside and do not understand its production principle. Next, let’s learn about the production principle of the 3D Hologram Fan!

Specifically, the production principle of the 3D Hologram Fan is based on the 3D naked eye digital image processing technology, rotating through a large number of densely arranged LED light strips, and using a scientific principle called visual persistence to make the naked eye unable to capture, so as to rotate the image, so as to achieve the naked eye 3D effect.

3D Hologram Fan
3D Hologram Fan-SH-100

When the 3D Hologram Fan is turned on, due to its extremely fast rotation speed, only bright light can be seen by the human eye, while the darker light can not be captured by the human eye.

In this way, only the light of the LED light bar will stay on the naked eye. In professional terms, the visual effect from the light received on the retina will still stay on the human retina for a while after it stops. When the human eye does not use any electronic products, the flesh eye alone looks like an image out of thin air.

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