Why Is 3D Hologram Fan Better than A LED Screen?

As we all know, with the improvement of the quality of life, science and technology are more and more advanced. We can tell from the information products like computers. Computers change from the original large room into today’s all-in-one machine. As iterations get faster and faster, If we don’t keep up with technology, we’ll be left behind in the industry.

With the development of technology, SUPERBHOLO has developed black technology products since 2015: 3D hologram advertising led display fan projector. This is a combination of fan rotation +LED light bar display products. 3D Hologram Display Fan uses the principle of temporary retention of human eyes to form aerial illusions of graphics, animation and video.

When imaging,  LED lights are illuminated, and the surrounding shell is dark and does not emit light.In this case, when 3D holographic display is working, the human eye receives only a pause of light, and the dark light is too fast for the brain to distinguish. Therefore, the display effect will only stay on the light displayed by the LED lamp, so as to achieve the effect of aerial imaging, and then present a 3D floating image.

The working principle of 3D holographic display technology is mainly to make use of the temporary factor of human vision (POV technology), through a row or several rows of LED densely arranged and then rotate the image. Specifically, the visual effects of light on the retina persist for some time after the effect of light stops.

Why Is 3D Hologram Fan Better Than A LED Or LCD Screen?

3D Hologram LED fan projector caused a sensation on the market as soon as it came out. Why is it so popular and what are the highlights?

1: Strong three-dimensional sense, products can be three-dimensional omnidirectional display on 3D hologram projector fan. The visual effect is shocking and the experience is strong, the eye-catching effect is good, the advertising effect is excellent.

2: Wide application range, high sustainable development. (Can be used in in airport, hotel, exhibition, shopping mall, bar, wedding, etc.)

3: Color process of 3D hologram fan is strong, rendering effect is good.

4: 3D holographic technology is novel, the cost is lower than the traditional display equipment like LCD or LED screens.

5: Special display principle, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.

6: High brightness (2300 Lumen) to meet the daytime and night advertising effect, to provide benefits. (brightness can be adjusted)

7: High resolution and high refresh rate, improve the remote viewing effect.

At present, the functions of 3D hologram fan LED display have basically met the market. But the precipitation period of this 3D hologram display is not very long. More powerful features are likely to follow by SUPERBHOLO.

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