3D Hologram Display Fan – Eye-catcher Advertising Media Tool

A 3D Hologram Display Fan is a fan with strips of RGB LEDs that creates a 3D effect image and video by rotating its blades. 3D Hologram led Fan displays with strips of RGB LEDs that produce an image that looks like floating in the air producing the full picture. Due to its brightness, this 3d hologram projector can be seen at day light or at night. It can be used with an acrylic cover or just installed in a wall or pole. The Real 3D HologramFan is easy to transport, weighting just 2.5 kg.

Connecting and synchronizing multiple devices can allow you to create an incredible holographic effect, and as big as you want or need. We strongly recommend to install the Holographic Fan Led at least 2.5 meters high or a considerable distance to avoid curious from touching it. This holographic display is controlled by a remote control, helping you to keep a safe distance to prevent any damage. The amazing illusion coming from this Hologram Fan is created by a LED light bar spinning at high speed, turning the hardware structure practically invisible but creating a floating video with 3D effect.

If you want to create the illusion of a hologram floating in the air, the 3D Hologram led Fan is the prefect solution. Doing the set up and installation of the 3D Hologram Fan is extremely simple. This is one of the easiest display to install and use. Changing the video content is extremely easy, just plug the micro SD card in the slot and it is ready to go. The 3D Hologram Display Fan is a display that can be seen in all conditions, this is a plug and play display.

3D Hologram Fan
3D Hologram Fan
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