Highly Effective 3D Hologram LED Fan from China Factory

The 3D Hologram Display Fan is one of the most cost-effective display solution to create a holographic illusion. The 3D Hologram Fan creates the illusion of a hologram floating in the air. The set up and installation of the fan hologram is extremely simple. This is one of the easiest display to install and use. Changing the video content is extremely easy, just plug the micro SD card in the slot and it is ready to go. The 3D Hologram Display Fan is a display that can be seen in all conditions.

Superbholo electronic tech CO.,LTD 3D Hologram Fan brings you a revolutionary visual solution for all your advertising needs. This hi-tech device creates, manages and displays all your content with unique three-dimensional holographic effect, giving your viewer an amazing floating hologram.

Vinyl posters, acrylic letters and LED walls no longer hold the power to capture the eye of your target audience. Even traditional billboards don’t work anymore. That’s why, it’s time for you to move over these outdated methods and showcase your products at shopping centers, airports, cinemas, hotels, exhibitions and high-traffic areas with the spellbinding 3D Hologram Fan. Advertise in a way you have never before with our fun, noticeable and highly effective 3D Hologram led Fan, and send your word out, the 3D way!

3D Hologram Display Fan
3D Hologram Display Fan
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