How Does Superbholo 3D Hologram LED Fan Display Patterns?

In recent years, there are always “3D Hologram LED Fan” in large shopping malls or activities. They look like fans, but they can display patterns in various formats when rotating. Some can display dynamic 3D patterns, which are very cool. Every time they see them, they can always make people stop and watch, playing a very good role in publicity and promotion. So how does Superbholo 3D Hologram LED Fan display patterns?

Strictly speaking, this so-called “fan” is just a vivid name. In fact, it is a kind of “rotating LED light strip”, and its professional name is holographic 3D intelligent dazzle screen. After power on, the “fan blade” starts to rotate, and 3D images can be presented while rotating, which is cool and lifelike. At the same time, according to the size and color of the pattern, the 3D Hologram LED Fan can well hide its blades. Because there is no border and no fixed screen, the dynamic picture is like floating in the air, which is very realistic.

3D smart dazzle screen not only uses the hardware configuration of rotating LED, but also uses the visual persistence of human eyes. For the hardware configuration of rotating LED, simply put, it is to calculate the change frequency of LED light according to the rotation speed of “fan blade”. When different Superbholo LED lights are lit at different times, different patterns will appear. The so-called visual persistence phenomenon means that when the human eye is observing the scene, the light signal is transmitted to the brain nerve, and it takes a short time. After the action of light, the visual image does not disappear immediately, and the human eye can still maintain its image for about 0.1 ~ 0.4 seconds. This residual vision is called “afterimage”, and this phenomenon of vision is called “visual persistence”.


3D hologram led display fan
3D hologram led display fan


Generally speaking, one or more strings of LED lights are arranged on the fan blades of the fan. Here, it is assumed that there are 20, and 1~20 numbers are carried out from the axis to the edge of the 3D Hologram LED Fan blades at one time. In order to simply explain the principle, we assume that the visual persistence phenomenon occurs when the fan speed is 60 revolutions per minute (much higher in the real case). We assume that the LED light is 0 degrees above the fan at 0 seconds. If you want to display the effect of 6:00 on the 3D Hologram LED Fan, the minute hand should point directly above and the hour hand should point directly below. It is necessary to turn on numbers 1-20 to display the minute hand at 0 seconds, turn on numbers 1-10 to display the hour hand at 0.5 seconds, then turn on numbers 1-20 to display the minute hand at 1 second, turn on numbers 1-10 to display the hour hand at 1.5 seconds, and so on, so that the human eye will receive a complete 6:00 clock image. For complex patterns, Superbholo 3D Hologram LED Fan will have more complex structure and programming equipment. Through the combination of LED light bar rotation and visual persistence, people will see a dynamic 3D picture of the rotating LED fan.

At present, the main application of 3D smart screen is advertising. Because of its editable and vivid display effect, it is believed that it will be applied in more fields in the near future.

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