See How We Play On All Saints’ Day

See How We Play On All Saints’ Day

Halloween is also known as All Saints’ Day,

In the annual November 1, is a traditional festival in the West;

Halloween is celebrated on October 31, the busiest day of the festival.

On this day, people will wear all kinds of funny costumes.

There are some weird things in front of the door or in the house.

And holographic fans with naked eye 3D effects,

What tricks can be played on Halloween?

Single Device

SH-56: Four-blade holographic fan focusing on a single display field, with 512 imaging resolution, can stably and realistically display holographic images in operation.In terms of control, it is compatible with the bidirectional control of APP and PC terminals, with ultra-high-speed data uploading performance and real-time control system. With the Halloween theme content, it can realize various forms of display, such as hanging, placing and moving, so as to create a festive atmosphere and attract people’s attention.

Multiple Devices Video Wall

SH-65: SH-65 has excellent joint screen splicing performance. It has a high resolution of 1080 P and is rich in many rare technologies in the industry, including emergency brake system and intelligent cooling system.In screen splicing, consistent collaborative display can be achieved. Combined with Halloween theme, large-screen display and distributed medium-scale display can be achieved. 

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