The 21st China Hi-tech Fair

The 21st China Hi-tech Fair

November 13 to 17, known as the no.1 “science and technology of China,” said the 21st session of China international hi-tech fair (CHTF) will be held at shenzhen convention &exhibition centre, the CHTF to “build the vitality the bay area, hand in hand to open innovation” as the theme, focus is a new generation of information technology, photoelectric display, such as wisdom city high-tech frontier in the field of advanced products and technologies.As a high-tech and innovative enterprise in the Bay Area, SuperbHolo will also present the top holographic fan screen technology on site.

3D Hologram Fan

In this HI-TECH Fair, SuperbHolo will use the new version of SH-65 to create a 3×3 type screen display aka 3D hologram video wall. After the upgrading of the light panel, the SH-65 will be displayed in the screen, in which the image will break through 1080 resolution and reach hd image quality while the holographic experience of seamless screen will be improved.Meanwhile, SH-56 will also realize more forms of display, innovate single application scene, and be more stable and realistic in mobile display.Through joint screen and single display, the ultimate and diverse holographic effects will be displayed, in a holographic way, to show the future of visual development of new ideas.

3D hologram fan

The 2019-11-21 update

The 21st CHTF, with the theme of “Building a Vibrant Bay Area, Joining hands in Opening up and Innovation”, showcased the world’s top cutting-edge technological products during the five-day event.As an invited exhibitor, SuperbHolo brought the cutting-edge holographic display technology to the exhibition site during the exhibition, and created an immersive experience scene of naked eye 3D through the all-round holographic display, which was highly recognized by the organizers, the media and the venue audience.

During the CHTF, as soon as three products of SuperbHolo were exhibited, we were interviewed by the reporter of CCTV channel. In the interview, the reporter recognized the practice of integrating RESEARCH, development, production and sales service of SuperbHolo rooted in the Bay Area.At the same time, with excellent holographic display and cutting-edge holographic fan screen technology, SuperbHolo has been recognized by the organizing committee of the organizers, won the conference excellent Product Award.

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