SuperbHolo Help Oman LNG Launch Event

SuperbHolo Help Oman LNG Launch Event

SuperbHolo and Oman LNG all series heavy cards help create a technological visual feast!

Foton Daimler Motor Company launched auman LNG heavy truck series products.At the meeting, the innovative opening ceremony shocked the audience, covering 10 major segments of the transport industry, 16 major transport scenarios, to meet the needs of users in different markets, with more unique product advantages, to meet the dual requirements of environmental protection and economy, and comprehensively improve the green benefits under the new emission standards.

3D Hologram Fan
3D Hologram Fan

[Gong Yueqiong, Party Secretary and General Manager of Foton Automobile, Wu Xibin, Deputy General Manager, Song Shushan, Deputy General Manager and Executive Vice President, Cui Shipeng, Vice President of Business and Vice President of Marketing, and Musta, vice president of RESEARCH and development, jointly launch Ooman LNG products]

SuperbHolo/Oman LNG Launch Event

The launch of the co-production with


3D holographic display

Sparkle all the room!

A rousing piece of epic music

With 3D holographic vision

Show the product effect incisively and


It also pushed the atmosphere of the

conference to its peak

3D Hologram Video Wall
3D hologram fan

SuperbHolo/Oman LNG Launch Event Highlight

20 square meters large display

 holographic fan video wall

It descends from above

Amazing quartet

3D Hologram Fan Video Wall

SuperbHolo/Oman LNG Launch Event Effect

3D product display + product 

advantage introduction

It’s much more than 1+1

 The audience is more clear

about the advantages of the

new products

With the perfect end to the event, SuperbHolo is once again gathering momentum.We take a long-term perspective to face the market trend, relying on fully verified, mature and reliable technology to constantly present a visual feast one after another.

SuperbHolo/Oman LNG Launch Event Detailed video

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    Your product looks great, buy how loud is the fan when it starts to spin.
    Also can I use this to present a 3D Rendering of a Architectural movie of a interior view of a home? Also what’s the cost, $$$

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