Next Generation 3D Advertising is Coming

If you want to attract customers, the first step is to attract their attention. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. The Visual display can attract people’s attention, but simple text symbols cannot. However, why should we be satisfied with an ordinary plane image? Because you can use some special things to attract people’s eyes. 3D holograms are so eye-catching that people can’t help looking at them. Add some actions or short videos, and you will certainly attract people’s attention.

The 3D hologram is a patented proprietary design that can be used as a portable holographic display, no matter where you want to create a point of sale impact. What better way to attract the attention of your products or services than floating color 3D holograms! 


The Latest Trend in Advertising is 3D Hologram Fan

Traditional projectors use internal bulbs to project colored light onto a plane. As the light changes and moves, the image changes. 3D Hologram Fan works in the opposite way. It is mounted on walls or other surfaces. As the fan rotates, the LED moves around and changes color, creating an image that appears to float in mid air. This effect was very novel and was soon welcomed by the entity advertisers.

3D Hologram Fan is not just a fan, a cutting-edge solution for creating unique 3D video content with holographic effect. Our 3D Hologram LED Fan your story directly on the blade surface. Once you see it – you’ll sure remember it. Moreover, if it’s somewhere in your peripheral view, you get a twinkling sensation, making you want to look at it again. We offer full service. Our designers can’t wait to create powerful and dramatic content for your 3D Hologram Fan, using astonishing 2D or 3D video animation. Let Superbholo 3D Hologram Fan do the thing for you.

3D Hologram Fan
3d hologram fan
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