What is the Gold Content of 3D Hologram Fan?

Holographic technology is a technology that allows people to enjoy 3D vision with their naked eyes. With the development of holographic products, various holographic products have been integrated into all aspects of our lives. Holographic technology has been applied in the upcoming Avatar film and in the automotive industry in advertising displays. There are also many products containing holographic technology. Holographic counters, holographic screens, etc., as well as 3D Hologram Fan series, which are emerging this year, are widely used in the market. As the 3D Hologram Display Fan looks like a fan, it realizes naked 3D effect by rotating the product LED fan and lighting the lamp beads, and by virtue of the principle of POV visual persistence of the human eye, its product gold content has also been questioned by market consumers.

3D hologram fan

3D Hologram Fan market contains higher and higher technology

The 3D Hologram Fan is questioned by the market, not only because of the product principle, but also because the market was filled with too many immature products when the 3D Hologram Display Fan was just born. With the holographic products of the 3D Hologram LED Fan Factory, represented by the 3D Hologram Fan Factory, Superbholo has been recognized by the market. On the one hand, it can be proved that the 3D Hologram LED Fan products have become increasingly high-tech.

R&D and production integration manufacturers are popular in the holographic market

With the development of the 3D Hologram Fan market, the holographic technology content is also constantly improving, and there has been an obvious gap in the market. The top 3D Hologram Display Fan is higher than the primary 3D Hologram LED Fan in terms of display and supporting services. Behind the top 3D Hologram Fan products, holographic manufacturers with integrated R&D and production have become the new mainstream in the market, not only because they can provide a high degree of technical protection for products, but also have great advantages in terms of product upgrading and price.

The R&D and production integration manufacturers are popular in the holographic market. As the world 3D Hologram Display Fan center, China is the only country with production capacity in Asia. Although the 3D Hologram LED Fan has an advertising display market of up to ten million in the global field, the R&D and production integration manufacturers represented by superbolo are rare in China. It can be said that the commercial use of 5G will bring a turning point to the advertising display industry and also an outbreak point of the 3D Hologram Fan. In the market, grasping the R&D and production integration manufacturers means not only mastering the latest and top holographic technology in the industry, but also having the most advantageous product quality and price in the industry. In the market competition, they will also take the lead and obtain rich market benefits.

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