Provides 3D Hologram Fan with Good Quality, Reasonable Prices and Stylish Designs

3D Hologram Fan, also known as 3D Hologram LED Fan, 3D Hologram Display Fan, is an LED screen device combined with fan rotation and visual persistence. With the help of the high-speed rotation of the fan blades formed by the dense arrangement of lamp beads, a plane display screen is formed by taking advantage of the visual persistence factors. The image is formed by constantly changing luminous lamp beads. The non luminous lamp beads and the fan leaf frame cannot be recognized by the brain due to high-speed rotation. This effect is used to create a “space” stereoscopic image. When the content is 3D, the effect is 3D. Therefore, it is called 3D fan screen.

The 3D effect of 3D Hologram Fan is lifelike, long life, low energy consumption, easy to install, easy to manage, high use value, wide applicability and other characteristics. At the same time, it can also provide customers with the management mode of multi form cluster advertising video publishing and video content editing, such as APP, WeChat applet. It is widely used in many occasions, such as business venues, cinemas, hotels, restaurants, exhibition halls, specialty stores, subways, airports and so on.

3D Hologram Fan features:

1. 3D display with naked eyes, no need to wear 3D glasses;

2. No projection medium is required, saving space and cost;

3. It is easy to install, and the fixed support is directly hung;

4. Support 2D, 3D, video or pictures;

5. SD card live broadcast, and the memory card is directly plugged into the power on and play;

6. Lightweight and convenient to carry, ABS material shell, easy to install and carry.

Superbholo Electronic Tech CO.,LTD was established in 2015 and specializes in producing digital marketing professional commercial display products. We are a manufacturer of 3D Hologram Fan Advertising Display with well-equipped testing equipment and strong technical force. With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs, Our 3D Hologram Fan is widely used in all kinds of high end applications, such as bank, hotel, board room, public control center, traffic control center, airport control center, mining control center, military monitoring center etc.

3D hologram fan

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