Have a great benefit of using 3D hologram Fan

The tradition way of advertising the business products and services is done through LED walls, vinyl poster and acrylic letters where these advertising methods don’t have the power to capture huge number people attraction. For this reason the 3D hologram technology is used in the field of advertising it creates a new style and trend to advertising. In which through the help of 3D hologram fan product you can advertise and showcase your business services and products at cinemas, exhibition, shopping centers, high traffic areas and hotels. This new kind of advertising method attracts huge number of targeted audience to have a look on your advertisement.

Key Features of the 3D hologram products

  • Enhanced imagery with depth
  • An innovative way to present products 
  • Viewable from any angle
  • Cost effective for both permanent and temporary setups
  • No projection screen required
  • Visually appealing holograms

About 3D hologram display fan

The 3D hologram display fan contains the huge number of features and it can be used at any place for display your product advertisement. The size of the hologram device is about 100/65/56/42 cm, it uses different formats like JPEG, JPG, GIF, MPEG and many more and it contains from 256 pcs to 1406 pcs LED lights that provide the 50K luminous hours. Advertising in a way of using the hologram technology will help you to reach huge number targeted potential customers and also this will promote your business to next level. The 3D hologram display fan can also be placed in your home or office walls where this gives you the unique realistic feel and make the place attractive one. Now buying the 3D hologram display fan is made easy where you can purchase it on online shopping sites like Flipkart, Amazon and on many other online sites. 

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